Archer Scripts User Status Indicator and Tooltip Tool & Utility

Quick User Status Indicator and Responsive, Interactive and Dynamic Tooltip for Archer Web UI via custom object scripts.

The solution adds a User Status label next to user names in user/group fields within your Archer records. It also provides a mouse-over triggered popup tooltip displaying user info including last logon, groups, role (admin only). It helps business to identify inactive users right within an Archer record, so actions can be taken right away.
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Video Demo:


  • Provides eye-catching user status indicators, helps business identify inactive/locked user accounts and take actions accordingly.
  • Super responsive upon mouse hover, unlike native Archer tooltip waits for a few second before displaying.
  • Dynamic Content, all the contents in the tooltip are fetched via API, making it always up-to-date live data.
  • Interactive, when the mouse is moved over the tooltip, it will stay until mouse is moved out of it, so that user could select and copy the text inside. The content could be modified to include standard buttons or links to interact with user.
  • Automatically recognize all the native Archer UI elements for user/group on the same page where the custom object is installed, no need to provide field IDs manually.
  • Highly configurable, the Archer admin/developer who installs this custom object could configure it via a config object, including: Permission on who have access to this advanced tooltip, such as certain groups or roles, or only admins.
  • Highly extendable and customizable, this UI component could be modified in theme, content, access permission, and highly portable to display other custom information needed. Easily ported to display Groups/Roles instead of Users, for example.

Existing Data Fields (Could add more fields as needed):

  • Last Login Date and Time of the user
  • Status of the user account (Red for alert when Locked, and Yellow for warning when Inactive)
  • User Domain
  • Groups this user belongs to
  • Roles this user has been assigned

Business Use:

Group/Application owners could easily identify other users’ account information on their teams or groups, to make quick decision whether any actions needed to perform against a certain user (for example removal of Inactive/Locked Users), or checking if the user has been wrongly configured in permission settings.


  • Custom Object
  • No Archer Control Panel access needed
  • No ODA needed

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