Dynamic Filter for User/Groups List Field

Dynamic Filter for User/Groups List Field

Dynamically filter User/Groups List type field (user picker) based on value selections in other fields.
For example, when a specific department is selected, the user picker field only displays the users who belong to that department.

Video Demo:


  • Provide a custom filter to the native Archer User Picker UI Element to limit the web user from selecting certain users.
  • The custom filter source could be provided as user id list or other formats, even dynamically from Archer User Profile or records of Contacts application.
  • Highly customizable to match many business requirements on how to restrict the list.
  • Could also be applied to Groups or other Archer native pickers.
  • Archer isn’t providing any way to easily filter users/groups like this.
  • It also applies the same custom filter logic to the Search box of the users, so that the results will always be consistent whether you pick users from the full list or the search result set.

Business Use:

Certain business departments/division or sub companies wanted to restrict their web users to only picking the users within their own department/division or sub companies, while sharing the same Archer system with all other users.



  • Custom Object
  • No Archer Control Panel access needed
  • No ODA needed

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