PDF Attachment Preview in Tooltip

PDF Attachment Preview in Tooltip – Quick preview of PDF files without downloading it to your desktop, with snapshots of full contents and pages.


  • Super responsive upon mouse hover, unlike native Archer tooltip waits for a few second before displaying.
  • The content of the PDF file will be fetched and displayed in tooltip
  • All the pages are in the preview with mouse scrolling

A few notes and limitation:

  • Each preview counts toward the download history of the attachment, since the tool will need to download the full content to render it inside the tooltip.
  • This solution requires the computer to have public internet access for fetching some third party Javascript libraries from Mozilla, the company provides the PDF viewer features. As long as the computer could access the internet, this should be fine.


  • Custom Object
  • Public Internet Access required to download some open source libraries for PDF preview (Data won’t be sent anywhere)
  • No Archer Control Panel access needed
  • No ODA needed

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