Custom iView – Exportable Reports with filters

Custom iView – Quick Exportable Report Viewer

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The Quick Report Viewer solution quickly converts any of your reports to filterable and exportable views.

A Quick search box is provided for Application Names and Report Names the user has access to, and displays the table view with a global filter, along with individual column filters for quick search of the report content. Invokes Archer native server export engine to generate all types of formats without creating or saving a report, perfect for quick report content lookup and export.


The Skin could also match the native Archer theme if preferred.


  • Super generic: You can choose any application via dropdown and all the reports within.
  • Responsive and searchable dropdown UI for quick application/report name lookup.
  • Report content theme is consistent with the rest of Archer web pages, built-in global filters and also individual column filters via a toggle.
  • Pagination supported in the table view and global search box will highlight the matching text criteria
  • The filtered report content is export-able via Export button, no need to create and save a report before exporting.
  • The iView could also be locked to specific Application and Report so that no initial user selection is required, helpful for different departments displaying only their own relevant reports.




  • Custom iView
  • No Archer Control Panel access needed
  • No ODA needed

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