Archer Scripts Timesheet App-Pack

Archer Scripts Timesheet App-Pack is built on an ODA with a user friendly iView where end users can enter hours per projects, per day for the week. 

This Timesheet solution is day based, meaning each day has its own record. This design allows end users to split their hours across multiple projects they are working on in any given day.

The timesheet can be pre-configured to cross reference into any applications within Archer. End users can then pick the projects they are assigned within the timesheet. User defined values list can also be created for users to select.

This solution is capable of all kinds of customization such as total minimum and maximum hours per day or week, per user or per project.

Video Demo:

Key Features:

  • Enables users to quickly enter time on a weekly view with total hours by day, by project and by week.
  • Day based time entries similar to popular time tracking software outside of Archer.
  • Integrated with records in existing Archer applications, select existing records the users are working on.
  • User defined projects, create any values list and start to use it on the timesheet.
  • Time entries are saved within an Archer ODA, and can be referenced by other Archer applications.
  • Supports reports, access permissions, and integration.
  • Allows users to track both Actual hours / Planned hours.
  • Allows managers to enter timesheets for employees.
  • Approval process.
  • Custom validation logic available, such as min and max hours per day or per week, and across all projects per user

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